How SEO Has Evolved [On The Web]

seo evolvement

An Overall Glimpse of SEO

As with anything in technology, SEO [Search Engine Optimization] optimizing has certainly been high in regard to all users, marketers and designers let alone tech gurus and is ever changing for the betterment of us all. In the last 2 decades, SEO has evolved like the internet with much creation and application to serve our online world at high-speed. The discoveries we make along the way with the latest in trends or what we think to be tricks should be carefully considered.

Here are few current steadfast and true essentials for your best results:

1. Implementation of design on your web site plays a significant role

  • appeal of a web design is essential for visitors to read and return
  • interactive with animation, infographics, video, podcasts and navigation are integral
  • blog is your greatest marketing tool to teach and engage with your audience and potentially build traffic; using the right keywords and phrases for both titles and content of your blog is vital to search optimization

2. Blogging

  • the placement and consistency of your blog is critical for audiences loyalty to tune in
  • tags an alt text for your sites pages and images are absolutely necessary
  • images/video ought to be compressed and digitally optimized big, beautiful and bright

3. Tools thru Google by example

  • Adwords/Adsense is tremendous forms of advertisement and monetizing your site
  • Analytics is preferred use to direct to all your pages so they can be tracked for traffic
  • Google’s Disavow Tool is now available to disengage poor links from your site which could otherwise bring your ranking down

To think we at one time had fewer options in search ranking with little comprehension of what it meant and how to attain it. We continue to keep up with the evolution of SEO knowing now what is truly essential for tools and tips along with organic web content. Organic content, by the way, is your own raw content with a purpose and a passion to ideally help people within the niche of your choice. All this and more can play a great part in your longevity and success on the web… so enjoy and happy blogging!

by Kimberley Vico